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Unwind Summer School

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Unwind Summer School is attended by pupils from all over London. It was founded by Da'watul Islam Youth Group (DIYG) in 1999 with the aim to provide an opportunity for children to learn about Islam, and recognise their identity as Muslims. It has become a highlight of the summer for boys and girls from four to sixteen years.
Videography, Branding


Unwind's new identity strategically intertwines professionalism with creativity, reflecting the program's commitment to a dynamic and contemporary learning experience. By incorporating modern design elements and vibrant colors, the updated logo not only signifies growth and inclusivity but also emphasizes a balance between professionalism and creative expression, and conveying  dedication to providing core values of fostering Islamic knowledge and identity among Muslim children in London.

excitement meets excellence

A promo isn't just a glance; it's Unwind's vibrant tale, showcasing growth, fun events, and its dedication to teaching Islamic values. For Unwind, it's a tool to engage youth, fostering community support and illustrating the impact of its diverse events. From interactive activities to educational moments, the video becomes a gateway for parents to witness firsthand how Unwind supports, nurtures, and instills essential values in the next generation.

It's not just a video; it's Unwind's visual commitment to shaping young minds positively.

the masterpiece